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The saying "Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite" has taken on a new meaning.  More and more people have become all too familiar with this small, flat little bug that is the size of an apple seed.

In the last few years bed bugs have found their way to our area in great numbers.  Their population has increased almost 500%.  They have been known to visit not just homes and apartments, but also many public areas as well like office buildings, hotels, movie theaters, schools, day care centers and retail dressing rooms!  How in the world do they get so many places?  Their nick name is "the little hitch hiker".  They can hop in a purse or backpack and travel to a store or another home and just like that, they've infested another location.  

Bed bugs can only survive when they find a source of human or animal blood, so if you notice bites after sitting on the sofa or laying in bed, it's a good idea to inspect the mattress and casters.

Termites can be one of the most damaging insects around.  Many times the first sign a homeowner sees them is when the winged "swarmer" termite comes out, usually in early spring.  However, they can appear any time during the year.

Another sign to look for are mud type tubes about 1/4" wide along the foundation or basement walls.  These can also be formed inside an interior wall.  Detecting hidden termites requires a well trained professional that knows their characteristics and habits in order to locate them.

Unfortunately, the damage they produce is hidden as well.  Boards and drywalls can be hollowed out for many months or even years until pressure is put on them.  That is when the damage is detected and repairs need to be made.ur paragraph here.