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10 Steps to get prepared for your Bed Bug Treatment

1. Remove all clean clothes from closets and inside dresser drawers and place them in a clothes dyer for 20 minutes on the highest heat appropriate for the garments, then place inside plastic bags and seal up.

2.  If clothes are dirty, wash and dry them then seal up inside plastic bags.  (An alternative is to send them to the dry cleaner and not pick them up until after treatment.)

3. Remove drapes in bedrooms, and launder then bag, or dry-clean or replace.

4. Discard all "clutter" and other unnecessary items from infested room(s).

5. Vacuum all infested rooms including mattress, bedsprings, couches, chairs and closets.  Also vacuum shelves and dresser drawers and nightstands.  Use crack and crevice tool to vacuum seams of the mattress and also vacuum where the carpet meets the baseboard. THIS IS CRITICAL.

6. Place vacuum bags in sealed plastic bags and discard in trash OUTSIDE the home.

7. Leave all your kitchen and bathroom items INSIDE the cabinets.  If there is anything left on the counters, you will want to wipe them clean after treatment or cover up.

8. Strip beds, launder sheets, pillowcases, mattress pad, and blankets.  Send pillows to dry cleaner or run through hot dryer for 20 minutes and then seal up inside plastic bag.

9. Be prepared to leave the home with children and pets for 4-6 hours after the treatment and 2 hours while we treat for a total time of 8 hours.

10. Seal mattress and box-spring with a bedbug encasing 8-10 hours after the mattress has been treated and dried. Use duct tape on the zipper part of the mattress case to seal off where bugs could get in or out.

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